A little Can Change

A little can change many lives

Elevate your guests’ experience by embedding a gesture of goodwill into every booking. For each room sold, a donation of $1 – less than the cost of a cup of coffee – is made to SoleFamily Bali, creating a positive impact in the community and enhancing your brand’s social responsibility image.

Small contribution, a significant impact:

  • Cost-effective generosity: A $1 donation per booking becomes a powerful tool for change.
  • Positive guest experience: Guests appreciate contributing to a worthwhile cause, enriching their stay.
  • Brand enhancement: This initiative becomes a key element of your marketing and sustainability strategies, showcasing your commitment to making a difference.

Benefits to your property:

  • Social media recognition: Regular posts about your assistance and CSR efforts will be shared via our social media to many people who visit Bali regularly, increasing your brand visibility.
  • Brand association: Utilise our branding on your website and in other strategic locations to communicate your commitment to CSR, enhancing your brand’s reputation.
  • Team involvement: Organize visits for your team to the families supported by your property, providing them with firsthand awareness of how your efforts are improving lives in Bali.

Join us in making a difference:

Turn each stay at your property into a meaningful contribution towards a better Bali. A small donation can have a mighty impact. Connect with us to integrate this initiative into your guest experience today.

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. Help our organization by donating today
For more information on medical care or to report a family member who needs help, please message us on SoleFamily FB.