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Monthly food aid

Our initial target is to provide monthly substantial food aid to 50 undernourished, impoverished families living in Bali. This essential aid includes basic staples, a daily fresh food allowance, and high-quality milk formula. IDR 2M per month is budgeted for each family. Your commitment to one or more families will make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable individuals, offering not just sustenance, but also hope and a sense of community care. Our target for sponsorship for these 50 families in need is a cumulative donation of IDR 100M per month.

Empower with micro-donations at checkout

Elevate your guests’ experience by embedding a gesture of goodwill into every booking. Imagine, with every room sold at your property, a donation as small as $1 – less than the cost of a cup of coffee – is made to SoleFamily Bali. This simple act of generosity can have a profound impact, both in the community and on your brand’s reputation.

Sponsor a vehicle for SoleFamily Bali for 1 Year

Enable Sole Family Bali’s mobility across the island by sponsoring a vehicle. This key support ensures reliable transportation for home visits to families in need and offers a transport service to the hospital. Your organisation’s sponsorship will prominently feature your brand on the vehicle, enhancing visibility as it travels throughout Bali. This annual sponsorship, pivotal for our operations, includes IDR 5M per month for car repayments, IDR 5M for petrol, IDR 1M per month for servicing, and IDR 5M for driver salaries. Your contribution not only aids in our mission but also connects your brand with a noble cause. The total donation needed for this sponsorship is IDR 16M per month per vehicle.

SoleTeddy Program

Support SoleFamily Bali’s community outreach through our SoleTeddy program. Each bear sold raises awareness and contributes to assisting families in need. Simply place these bears at checkout counters. This initiative provides a charming and tangible way for customers and staff to engage with and support our cause, creating a meaningful difference with each bear.

Sponsor monthly medicines for our mental health patients SoleFamily’s mental health program focuses on individuals in pasung (shackling or confining people with mental health issues at home) with rehabilitation, reintegration and their post-release care. Led by our psychiatrist partner, the programme involves assessing, prescribing medication, and monitoring all our patients living with mental health issues. The monthly medication bill is currently around IDR 50M. Any single or monthly contribution will assist us in ensuring a life of freedom after the hell of pasung. The donation for this sponsorship is IDR 50M per month.

About SoleFamily Bali

With a consistent and passionate team committed for over 14 years, this organisation has stood as a pillar of support and hope within the Balinese community.Our mission is dedicated to assisting over 900 families across Bali, providing them with essential aid and support to improve their quality of life. As we continue to expand our reach and impact, we find ourselves in active need of additional sponsorship. We recognize the importance of mutual support and visibility in these partnerships. In gratitude for your kind donations, we will share updates with our 18,000 social media followers, highlighting your generosity and commitment to social responsibility. Furthermore, we are equipped to assist your company with any corporate social responsibility (CSR) promotions, enhancing the visibility of your brand. Your partnership with SoleFamily Bali is not just a contribution to a noble cause, but also an opportunity to engage with a community deeply appreciative of your support and to enhance your corporate image in the process.

SoleFamily Bali: Stories of Hope and Transformation

Ten years ago, we encountered Made, isolated in a rudimentary cell, deprived of basic amenities and human dignity due to his mental illness. His condition had caused distress in the community, leading to his unfortunate incarceration. Our team, in collaboration with specialist doctors, developed a treatment plan that marked the beginning of Made’s journey to rehabilitation and reintegration.

The transformation was profound. We renovated his home, and he rejoined his family, starting a new chapter filled with freedom and happiness. Witnessing him celebrate at a birthday party months later was a testament to his remarkable recovery. Our regular visits to administer his treatment ensure his continued wellbeing. The gratitude expressed by his family, now reunited with a healthy, happy, and engaged father, is a powerful reminder of the impact of our work. Made’s story is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of compassion and dedicated care in changing lives. – From the Sole Family Bali Team

SoleFamily Bali Partnerships

Arinata’s journey is a heartwarming example of resilience and hope. Born with a cleft lip and a serious heart defect, she required life-saving surgery in Jakarta. Her successful first cardiac surgery paved the way for her to undergo oral surgery. Today, Arinata’s transformation is remarkable. She greets the world with a proud smile, her energy and playfulness a joy to behold. As she prepares for her second surgery, her spirit and courage continue to inspire us all. Her story is a testament to the incredible difference medical intervention and care can make in a young life. – From the Sole Family Bali Team

SoleFamily Bali Partnership

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. Help our organization by donating today
For more information on medical care or to report a family member who needs help, please message us on SoleFamily FB.