Team and Ambassadors

Board Members

Yuli Utomo
A well-known and highly respected Denpasar-based Indonesian lawyer.
Yulia Mallo
Yulia Mallo FOUNDER
Head of field socialization and education at Eco Enzyme Nusantara, Bali.
Manik Widari
Manik Widari TRUSTEE
A business entrepreneur in the Jewelry business for 20 years.
Dr. Gusti Rai
Dr. Gusti Rai TRUSTEE
Is an experienced and modern thinking Balinese psychiatrist who also founded Rumah Berdaya.
Dr. Nova Aula
A general practitioner with experience working in public Health Centre, & several other clinics.
Ayu Wirmayanti
Ayu Wirmayanti SECRETARY
Ayu responsible for implementing & organizing all Outreach programs & activities.

Outreach Team

Ayu Wirmayanti
Ayu Wirmayanti MANAGER
Ayu responsible for implementing & organizing all Outreach programs & activities.
Komang Yuvi Astika
Komang Yuvi Astika Patient Coordination Leader
Yuvi is SoleFamily’s longest serving member staff and is Sarah’s deputy.
Sang Gede Susanta
Sang Gede Susanta Outreach Team
Outreach team and Driver

I Gede Sumartama
I Gede Sumartama Medical Supervisor
Gede is SoleFamily’s Qualified nurse.

I Made Dedi Murniawan
I Made Dedi Murniawan Outreach Team & Driver
Dedi is focusing on mental health patients.
Dika Puji Triono
Dika Puji Triono Outreach Staff
Dika accompanies patients at the hospital.
Kadek Numina
Kadek Numina Driver Leader
Kadek is responsible for managing all relating the transportation.

Care & Recovery Centre Team

Kadek Kariani
Kadek Kariani Recovery Centre Leader
Responsible for maintaining high-standard at all times at Recovery Care Centre.
I Made Widiasmini
I Made Widiasmini SC Staff
Prepare nutritionally balance meals , often in access of 100 meals per day with individual dietary needs.
Rani Nonon Kaniwa
Rani Nonon Kaniwa Housekeeping & Courier


Admin Team

Agustine Waas
Agustine Waas Sales & Donation Supervisor
Hanny Sales & Merchandise Staff
I Gede Meidana
I Gede Meidana Driver

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