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By sponsoring solefamily with a monthly donation of 1million rp, Your contribution will:

• Provide food for a family for the month OR
• Provide 3 tins of enhanced nutrition milk OR
• Provide medication not covered by BPJS AND
• So much more!

In return, we will shout your name from the rooftops!

4 social media posts every year across all SoleFamily accounts and The Travellist accounts. These posts can be anything you like e.g. a special promo, event, launch a new product, new location – anything you like!

Your business logo and link will be featured on the SoleFamily website and The Travellist website.

We will feature your organisation in newsletters sent to audiences that subscribe to SoleFamily and The Travellist.

SoleFamily is a charity impacting lives in Bali by ensuring access to patient-centred health services for individuals facing physical and mental health challenges

Corporate Sponsorship

SoleFamily fund regular medical assessments and treatments and provide enhanced nutrition through specialist milk and essential food parcels, supplying monthly staples required to address nutritional deficiencies and promote better health outcomes.