Pasung Mental Health Programme

Join us in our mission to uplift the least privileged individuals in Bali, particularly those with mental or physical disabilities.

What is pasung?

Pasung Mental Health Programme

SoleFamily Bali is a fully registered NGO dedicated to ending the tragic practice of Pasung, where mentally ill individuals are shackled and imprisoned in unfortunate conditions.

Our Mental Health Programme

From Pasung to Freedom

from despair to newfound joy – real stories

Mental Health Programme Pasung

Despite the voluntary work of our founders, leading staff, and key helpers, we are facing a growing annual budget for medication, transportation, staff, housing improvements, gifts, and treats. These costs increase as we find more patients.

Your contribution will enable us to continue our work and create more inspiring success stories. Together, we can break the chains of Pasung and provide a brighter future for those in need.

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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. Help our organization by donating today
For more information on medical care or to report a family member who needs help, please message us on SoleFamily FB.