Making Friends From Karangasem To L.A.!

It’s been a huge month for the SoleTeam with Robert representing us in L.A., kindly sponsored by Dokoyo, and the outreach team have travelled far and wide to see our SoleFamilies.
On that note, you may have noticed that we have changed our logo and our name to SoleFamily. It’s still the same team, the same work, and the same story of Solemen and how we started. But we have become increasingly aware that we don’t just treat the patient, the solebuddy, it’s more than that. We care for the whole family.

  • Food parcels to help the family who can’t work while caring for children in need.
  • Education sponsorship for the other children in the family as all the income goes towards the sick family member.
  • Donated clothes, books and toys to help the whole family.
  • A shoulder to cry on and an ear for listening for any family member who needs it.

This is how we see everyone under our care along with their families – our SoleFamily.

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I am deeply grateful to sponsors of SoleFamily Bali’s promotion in Hollywood, USA. It was a great honour to be featured on Jules Graeser’s famous ‘Chatterbox’. Our TV interview is to be broadcast and downloadable to three hundred million viewers April 1st.

Extensive national and international exposure was secured via multiple interviews on three Red Carpets pre and post Oscars which will propel SoleFamily Bali’s profile as well as Bali itself to new heights.
Support has also been pledged by the Indonesian Consulate in LA to promote SoleFamily Bali at their event for Indonesia’s Independence Day event Aug 17th, 2023.

A rare opportunity for any charity thanks to Suzanne DeLaurentis Productions and Celeste Friedman Executive Producer of the Love&Karma movie who has also pledged support from this film inspired by her experiences in Bali.


“I am always happiest surrounded by kids and those less fortunate. Play is vital, a hug is so healing and a shoulder to cry on often reassures. I am honoured to give my time to our Solebuddies who become family I choose.”

Making Friends From Karangasem To L.A.!


Ibu Dadong is a 68-year-old woman who lives with her husband in a rundown house in Denpasar. Her husband has severely impaired vision so he cannot work; Ibu makes and sells canang (offerings) and it is her meagre income that sustains them. Unfortunately, her income is not enough to cover even the basic life essentials. 

Just recently Ibu Dadong was walking around the house when she tripped and fell over, sustaining a fractured thighbone. She now needs crutches to move around which makes it incredibly hard for her to work and provide for them. Ibu Dadong and her husband have no children, so their support network is the outreach team and you.

Sponsoring a food parcel for just Rp. 800,000 per month will help Ibu recover and ensure they both get the nutrition they need. 

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Made Susila lives in a small village just outside of Amed with his parents, older sister Made and brother Agus. Agus had an epileptic seizure which caused severe impairment and he needs 24/7 care; and we recently discovered that Made Susila has some mobility issues which appear to be from a spinal injury. We are waiting on an assessment however it looks as though surgery will be needed. Older sister Made is being sponsored for her schooling as the family are extremely poor and can’t afford her school fees any longer.

As both boys need a carer, it makes it hard for their parents and earn any kind of income, so we desperately need some help. We want to tidy up their tiny and basic house, provide them with clean bedding and new mattresses, and we need monthly family food parcels. The boys also need extra supplements which will help them to get stronger and improve their development.

If you can help with donation for this family, please click here

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Yuni lives in Denpasar and has endured more than most 26-year-olds. She lives with a rare skin condition which both of her brothers died from. Yuni is shy and self-conscious, seeking refuge and company by watching TV. She rarely leaves her house.

Yuni deserves better.
To help Yuni with her medication, donated clothes, new bedding, and nutritious food, please donate and remember that if you use the GDG links to donate, your donation could be tax deductible if you are from Australia, New Zealand or the U.S

Donate here

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As always, we want to say thank you to all of our supporters – we couldn’t do it without you.

Hugs and smiles
The SoleFamily Bali team

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. Help our organization by donating today
For more information on medical care or to report a family member who needs help, please message us on SoleFamily FB.