🎄 It’s Christmas Time!! 🤶

For many families all around the world, Christmas is a time of being with loved ones and sharing gifts and good food. For SoleFamily it’s a time of bringing some light and joy into the lives of our SoleBuddies who are less fortunate than others.

This year we will be having a small Christmas party at the SoleCentre, with music, food, and small donated gifts – our aim is to create smiles and help our SoleBuddies feel some happiness and a little Christmas silliness. It’s a welcome break from their daily routine of checkups, medication, discomfort, and in some cases, pain.

We would love you to join us in celebrating Christmas this year by helping us create smiles. The things that can make a big difference include:

  • Donated toys, kids clothes, books and colouring-in stuff
  • Food donations at our Food Drop-Off Points
  • Sponsoring a SoleBuddy
  • Setting up monthly donations to help SoleFamily – a small monthly contribution adds up to a lot for us and helps us to continue supporting our SoleBuddies.

As you plan your Christmas menu and shop for that ‘one last gift’, please consider a small donation towards Christmas at SoleFamily.
From our SoleFamily to your family and friends, we wish you all the most wonderful Christmas 🎄🤶

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. Help our organization by donating today
For more information on medical care or to report a family member who needs help, please message us on SoleFamily FB.