Where a little goes a long way!


 SoleFamily’s needs keep growing as more and more seek our help. We would very much welcome your support in networking with others and if possible hosting events however small that could contribute to our efforts. ” – Robert

“ Removing chains and padlocks of those restrained due to mental health issues; holding a hand or giving a hug to those in despair; being a climbing frame for boisterous recovering kids; giving a mattress and a comfy pillow to someone sleeping in the dust; giving food to the hungry. Giving hope where there was despair, seeing smiles where there were tears and seeing our Solebuddies receive the best care we can give even if we know the outcome may not be what we would have wished. One person suffering is one too many. ” – Sarah

Like most people, we do a budget however our version is as much about food parcels, milks and medication as much as it is about the finances. Our budget shows that we need close to 4,200 food parcels every year to support our SoleFamilies and we need 900 tins of nutritional milk for our SoleBuddies who need extra support and nourishment. Once we add in the surgeries and medications not covered by BPJS, then we start to look at the finances.
SoleFamily also covers the BPJS costs for many families they care for and this requires regular funding. ❤️💰

The Outreach team simply cannot continue their work unless we have the financial support necessary so we are asking businesses to help out. Please remember, depending on your country, your contribution may have tax advantages.

The Outreach team

The Outreach team simply cannot continue their work unless we have the financial support necessary so we are asking businesses to help out. Please remember, depending on your country, your contribution may have tax advantages.


One restaurant donating 1million Rp (approx. $100AUD) per month can provide food for a family for a month OR 3 – 4 tins of nutritional milks.

Twenty businesses donating 1million Rp per month will provide food for 20 families for a month OR 80 tins of nutritional milks OR cover the cost of surgeries or medications that don’t currently fall under the BPJS insurance plan.

businesses donating


Great question! For a start, fabulous karma and the satisfaction in knowing that your donation is changing lives of the disadvantaged in Bali.

Need something a little more tangible? How about a heap of marketing? We will sing and shout your praises from the rooftops in the virtual world by giving your business lots of social media thank you posts on all of our accounts, plus the accounts of our marketing partner The Travellist. These posts can be our thank you to you OR you can send us something in particular that you would like promoted to an audience that LOVES Bali!

But wait…there’s more! We will also offer promotional support, thanks and acknowledgement via our monthly newsletter and our marketing partner The Travellist will do the same on their newsletter and share with their media partners to do the same.

If you are a business and can spare a small donation monthly, it would make the world of difference to all our SoleBuddies and their families. Please email [email protected] or WA +62 811 3931 152 for more information and to start helping us today ❤️❤️❤️




Many of you have ‘met’ Yuni before through our updates. Sadly her condition is not getting any better, and after losing 2 of her brothers to the same illness, Yuni is more than aware of what is happening to her.

Yuni suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosa which is a rare skin condition which is causing the enormous growth on her face. Yuni is self-conscious and prefers to stay indoors, and understandably is terrified of hospitals.

We want to help Yuni as best we can and a large part of that is making sure her needs at home are met.

If you can help with new bedding, towels or clothing, that would be amazing. ❤️

Yuni also needs good food ( she loves fruit), nutritional milks and dressings for her skin. 2million Rp (approx $200 AUD) per month covers all of her medical and health needs.

Thankfully, a generous soul is now sponsoring Yuni – changing her life forever. ❤️



Bella just recently lost her father, and her little brother Ega is very sick. Mum is also struggling after the death of her husband so she is unable to work to support the kids.

Despite sickness and grief, Bella wants to continue her schooling and so we are asking for some kindness from you.

Bella needs 2million RP (approx $200 AUD) for her school fees, uniform and books; and we would also like a monthly sponsor for the family to get nutritional milks and a food parcel. At this stage, it is unlikely that Mum will ever work again so this small family needs as much help as they can get.

With a smile of relief, we now have Bella’s schooling costs covered by a generous person, however we still need help with her nutritional needs. Please consider sponsoring a monthly food parcel for Bella and her family. ❤️

Before we sign off, we must thank our incredibly generous supporters at FINNS, the worlds best beach club. Our cars, our Care and Recovery centre, our Outreach team, would not be able to run or work without you – we are forever grateful and on behalf of every SoleBuddy, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ❤️❤️