SoleFamily Bali and Holden Bali

Every collaboration SoleFamily shares with like-minded people or companies, allows them to continue their work, changing lives in Bali. Some collaborations are also a lot of fun!

Via our media partner The Travellist Indonesia, we made new friends last Saturday with the awesome team from Holden Bali and we set out to visit some small villages in Tabanan. The rumblings coming from the vintage and restored Holdens could be heard throughout the villages, not the usual entrance the SoleFamily Outreach team makes but it certainly got everyone’s attention!

Holden Bali do this charity drive every year and we are so grateful to be invited to join them on this annual trip – it’s fantastic to see this club helping the poor families and using their vintage cars to raise awareness to those in need. .

We visited several families who needed a little extra help in terms of baby clothes for a newborn, new bedding and pillows for a 70+  year-old woman who has been going without, and boxes of much needed nutrition and supplies. The clothes and bedding came from our friends at The Travellist who have been collecting donated goods from their network around Bali. The team from Holden Bali have been raising funds and creating food parcels to help the people we visited; for these families, knowing they don’t need to worry about food for the next month, makes a huge difference.

The families we visit all around Bali go without things that most of us would call the ‘basics’. Fresh water, nutritious food, clean bedding, and health care – the things we take for granted, do not come so easily to others.

Over the years SoleFamily have cared for over 800 families and the number is growing daily. We can only continue to help the poor, marginalised and those in need of medical care, with the help of generous souls like Holden Bali. We can’t thank you enough for taking to the streets in your beautifully restored vintage cars, raising money and awareness for those who need help the most.

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If you are a business in Bali or anywhere in the world, and you can support a CSR program to help our SoleBuddies, we will shout your name from the rooftops of social media and make sure everyone knows how your business is helping the poor in Bali.

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