Outreach Team

Our Outreach team have been on the road for the last month, visiting families all over Bali and ensuring all of our SoleFamilies get the medication, milk, and nutritious food that they need. The importance of a good meal is something we are all familiar with, but for many SoleBuddies without sponsorship, they are not getting the nutrition they should be.

Milk sponsorship can be as little as Rp 700,000 per month and a family food parcel is Rp 800,000 per month; so for the equivalent of $150 AUD per month, you could sponsor the nutrition of an entire SoleFamily. Many families are living on a small income as one parent is a carer while the other works, so the food parcel helps the whole family.

We regularly feature SoleBuddies who need sponsorship on our social media so you could choose to sponsor one particular family or your donation can go towards any one of our SoleFamilies in need. All you need to do is set up a regular donation or make a one-time donation for the year of sponsorship.

Did you know that your donations could also be tax deductible?

For more information and to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of financial year (in Australia in particular):
http://www.gdg.org.au/InfoJ1088N (Australia)
http://www.gdg.org.nz/InfoJ1088N (New Zealand)
http://www.gdgusa.org/InfoJ1088N (USA)


“ As a member of the team of Sole Family Bali, I want to say thank you to God, Robert, Sarah,and especially to all our sponsors who already support us now. We still can help more people in Bali who really, really need more help, and also with new management now, we can even more to help people in Bali. To all the team, please remember, we not just a team, we are family and even though we are small, I hope with family we can do more. Thank you ” – Yuvi

“ Very happy to be part of an amazing team. My hope is that the yayasan will be more successful and more people can be helped. ” – Kadek



Our Baby Eka is not a baby anymore!

Now 7 years old, Eka loves having her photo taken and playing with her friends at SoleCentre. She recently went to Jakarta for heart surgery and now has her heart condition monitored with monthly visits to Sanglah.

Eka’s father is a teacher with a small salary that has to provide for a family of four. We would love a monthly food sponsor for Eka and her family which is Rp 800,000 and Eka needs someone to sponsor her milk which is Rp 200,000 per month.

Please help our gorgeous ‘baby’ Eka ❤

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After being checked at 3 different hospitals, Naomi’s parents have been told that she suffers from a condition where the retina is not connected as it should be, possibly caused by premature birth.

The plan is to get Naomi to the John Fawcett Foundation for another opinion and to discuss what options the 3 yr old has in terms of surgery or medication. 

For now, we want to ensure Naomi’s health is the focus to aid her development so she needs a monthly sponsor for her food parcel and milk supplements.
🙏 monthly food parcel Rp 800,000 (approx $80 AUD)
🙏 monthly milk supplement Rp 300,000 (approx $30 AUD)

Naomi 1

There are so many ways to support the work done by our Outreach team:

  • monthly food and milk sponsorship
  • monthly medication sponsorship
  • individual SoleBuddy sponsorship
  • SoleCentre room sponsorship
  • Food, clothes, toys, books, shoes donation

And remember, if you make a monetary donation, you may be eligible for tax benefits so make sure to check our GDG links when you donate 


Thank you to all of our fabulous supporters, we couldn’t do this without you.


All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. Help our organization by donating today
For more information on medical care or to report a family member who needs help, please message us on SoleFamily FB.