How Did January Come And Go So Fast?!

The Outreach team has covered thousands of kilometers this month, visiting our SoleFamilies all around Bali. We have had our ‘usual’ home visits to manage but also some emergencies involving life-savings surgeries, a missing patient (who possibly took himself to Java for a holiday?!) and we were able to spend time with Budi and Eka before they flew to Jakarta for heart surgery.

And we couldn’t do this without you.

We’d like to give special mention to Finns as our angels who provide ongoing and regular support. Your contributions and faith in what we do gives our team the energy and focus to keep on going, and to provide the very best care for our SoleBuddies and their families. As thanks, apart from our appreciation, we’d like to ask all of our supporters to make sure they visit Finns – you truly deserve all the very best guests!

How Did January Come And Go So Fast

And now a word from Robert and Sarah, our fearless founders with compassion in spades.

I am so honoured to be part of the Solemen team. Every day I am challenged, laugh and cry with our Solebuddies and their hero carers. I am incredibly blessed. 
Thank you Bali

Sarah 💗💗💗

Still amazed at what we’ve managed to achieve since 2011. So many lives enhanced, saved and hope spread all around Bali by our totally dedicated, experienced and passionate team working tirelessly together. Proud of all of them beyond measure.

Robert 🙏🙏🙏


Bella (14) and Ega (9) lost their father recently due to COVID-19 and health complications. Their mother is a manual labourer and they are very limited financially, living in basic conditions in Klungkung. Both Bella and Ega suffer from immune system disorders.

Ega is currently in hospital suffering from malnutrition and health issues, the same things that see him hospitalized frequently. It’s heart-breaking to think of children living like this; our role is to make things a little easier, more comfortable and more dignified for them. 

While we take care of the health issues, we do need help with a sponsor for their monthly food parcel (Rp 800,000) and their monthly nutrition supplements (Rp 1,200,000). Great treatment starts with good quality nutrition and you can help with this. 

Contact us to set up sponsorship for Bella and Ega; a one-time donation or ongoing support, it all goes a long way to allowing Bella and Ega to have a healthier and happier life.



We first met Made Susila when we visited his older brother Agus. Agus has epilepsy and suffered a major seizure, causing irreparable brain injury. Agus has been under our care for medical treatment and also food parcels. You might remember the video of Agus hurling a plate of rice at Sarah, only to then fall into her arms for one of Sarah’s famous hugs. It was at the (in)famous rice-throwing visit that the team discovered Agus’ younger brother Made Susila may have his own health issues.

Made Susila seemed unable to walk, despite being over 4 years of age. His development appears to be impaired, but we are waiting for tests to determine the cause and what can be done. This makes life even harder for the family as the parents as now they have two children who need constant health care, while trying to farm and earn a meagre income.

Their eldest daughter, also Made, loves school and dreams of going to college to learn to cook, so she can get a job to support her family. A sponsor has pledged to cover all of Made’s schooling and educational costs so she can fulfil her dreams.

However, we really need help for this SoleFamily. Donations of clothing, towels and mattresses, would be appreciated and as the family are barely getting by, sponsorship for a larger food parcel for the entire family and nutritional supplements for the boys will make a huge difference to their lives.
If you can help little Made Susila and his family, please get in touch


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