Our Outreach Centes

We operate the FINNS care & recovery centre in Kuta, serving as a sanctuary for SoleBuddies and their families during the waiting and recovery periods following surgery or treatment.

We have helped more than 900 families so far and that number is growing so our Outreach team is stretched as they travel all over Bali. To allow even more people to receive the necessary medical and health care they need, we are raising funds to build outreach centres all over Bali. 

Our goal is to establish “Outreach Centres” in the nine regions of Bali. Currently, we run our outreach program from our headquarters in Kuta. The area with the highest demand for our services is Buleleng, about 96 km away, requiring an average travel time of 3.5 hours each way. This often 12-hour day round trip significantly limits the number of visits or calls our outreach team can make. Additionally, some cases are located in areas inaccessible by car, necessitating further travel on foot to reach the most remote and needy parts of Bali.

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Note: Current 699 families are listed on Solefamily’s books as getting support

Having outreach centres in “key” locations will enable us to establish a base in each regency from which each outreach team could operate and then our aim is to service more families per day and create a bigger impact within each community.

We propose to establish our first pilot Outreach Centre in 2025 and have budgeted $90,000 to set up.

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The Outreach centre can use an existing rented house and we would need the following basic facilities

  • Office / meeting room / training room area with Internet
  • Secure storage room for medical supplies / dried food supplies for distribution
  • Bedroom – Bathroom – for outreach staff to stay
  • Basic kitchen
  • Parking for Car and Trail Bike

The Outreach Centre will be the base from which to perform the following services

Outbase Teams will consist of:

  • 1 x Senior Nurse (Teamleader)
  • 1x Driver
  • 1 x Nurse
  • 2 x Outreach Assistants

The advantage of our satellite Outreach Centre

  • Less Travelling
  • Reduced travel cost
  • Less wasted time on travelling
  • More SoleFamily’s cared for
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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. Help our organization by donating today! 

For more information on medical care or to report a family member who needs help, please message us on SoleFamily FB.